«40» Beach Bar
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The “40” beach bar is located on the most famous coast of Athenean Riviera, that of Astir Vouliagmeni. The project comprises the renovation of three undercut bungalows with a total surface area of 135 m2, constructed in the ‘60s, when the Astir Palace hotel was first inaugurated, as well as the creation of an external lightweight pergola delineating a 70m2 surface area of seats and tables by the beach. The buildings and surrounding areas of the hotel, including the architectural elements of that era inspired the design and its aesthetic framework.
The white shell is preserved at length, as well as minor black and grey elements that compliment and highlight its clarity. The cement reliefs, a characteristic element of Greek ‘60s modernism, became a dominant part of the design, since their materialization in wood covers the larger part of the store’s fridges and display cases, thus creating the first perforated floor in a synthesis of white and black volumes behind them. The grey cement screed floor forms a neutral base on the bar’s interior, allowing the remaining materials’ contrasts to predominate. The colour black imposes on the concept, whether as the ceramic mosaic background of the bar, in the form of matt black volumes behind the perforated wooden relief screens, or as monochromatic flora themed wallpaper, reminiscent of lost paradises. The 3D wooden sheet lamps stimulate the transition between dream dimension and reality, softening the boundaries between vision and touch. The light bulbs in various sizes inside the domes of the space are scattered in different directions, as if moved by the sea breeze.
The canopy’s external area with views to the sea completes the interior, unifying the space and smoothing the transition from indoors to outdoors and vice versa.
Materials and colours in a play of balance between memory, dream and reality await the users, while directing their gaze to the infinite Aegean blue.

Design by: Minas Kosmidis – Architecture in Concept 
Photos by: Alexandros Ioannidis

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