Country house in Aliveri
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The design target was to focus on external areas, which in turn would become the threshold to the organization of interiors. Thus the swimming pool, the BBQ and the courtyard constitute for the owners the basic points of the residence. Consequently, an effort is made to design the outdoors part as protected and comfortable as possible, and the interior as open as possible, especialy towards the sea-facing side.
A corroded monolithic volume is the main idea for the design of the residence. While the imposing external shell prevents any guesswork as to what happens indoors, its corroded interior presents openings and recesses, creating protected residential spaces with 180° views to the sea.
The design is based on two principles: on the one hand to create a beautiful and introverted spatial object, but defiantly different to its environment, and on the other to make it ergonomic, economic and flexible for changes and additions in the future.

Design by: Kokosalaki | Architecture 
Photos by: Dimitris Kleanthis

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