House 66
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The architect designed and built her own home which she inhabits with her husband and three young children. The building, a former 1950s bungalow with ‘80s additions had a terrible floor plan and generic finishes; the architect was able to transform it to a bright and modern home, a style she describes as "warm modernism".
Εmphasis is placed on the function of the home, and especially its ability to change with family needs. Hallways, formal sitting rooms and other spaces that are not used in day-to-day life are omitted in favour of larger clutter-free spaces. With cozy furniture, large fireplaces, natural materials along with a colour palette of warm tones, an inviting, comfortable interior is ensured throughout.
House 66 embodies these two philosophies of design; many large openings as well as clean lines. It is bright, open and functional. Taking her vision as far as the budget would let her, the architect also used cut-offs from other projects.

Design by: Izen Architecture
Photos by: Stephani Buchman

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