Residence in Kefalari
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The residence in Kefalari is designed to cover the owners’ functional needs, simultaneously satisfying their deepest unconscious desires. On one hand, love for the old and on the other, a fascination with the new, led to an architectural solution where these become complimentary.
The residence is split into two volumes: the elevated classical stone volume, containing the entrance, the sitting area, the master bedroom; and the white contemporary one that surrounds it and comprises the remaining spaces.
The building embodies architectural elements of different origins, creating an intense dual image.
Vernacular elements such as the sloped roof, small openings and stonework are in dialogue with more contemporary architectural expressions such as large glass surfaces and abstract aesthetics.
Vague images from the subconscious of the owner become specified, creating the feeling of a home that balances between surrealism and realism, the dream and the real.

Design by: Kirki Mariolopoulou 
Photos by: Dimitris Kleanthis

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