Residence in Pelion
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The main building volume follows the contour lines of the site, shaped by them. Externally, the design principles follow zigzag incisions, while the element of a curve unifies the visual field in a dialogue with the site morphology, ending on a courtyard space with a sitting area and a BBQ.
The cluster of volumes through terraces and stairs minimizes human intervention while making most of the rocky subsoil by using stone from the excavation to construct the building.
The materials used are in harmony with the surrounding area, maintaining vernacular architecture elements in a selective retention of its features, combined with new building techniques.
The house’s interior is articulated around large terraces that provide links between the indoors and the horizon line. The ground floor comprises the sitting and dining areas, the kitchen and the master bedroom, while the first floor accommodates two more bedrooms with their respective auxiliary spaces. A main feature of the building plan is the corner master bedroom volume, with a corner opening offering unobstructed views to the Pagasetic Gulf and Trikeri Island.
Through the use of different textures and earthy hues, a sense of warmth and familiarity is achieved.
The combination of a light, island house with the robustness of a stone Pelion structure renders the residence a limbic space between coast and mountain.

Design by: Dimitris Philippitzis & Associates 
Photos by: Giannis Giannelos

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