Villa Stark
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Villa Stark is conceived as a minimalist retreat from hectic modern urban life, located on Providenciales Island in Turks and Caicos, with a total area of 929 m2 accommodating a family of 5. The villa is constructed in two main volumes and joined together by an outdoor garden. The two volumes employ their concrete envelopes as selective membranes for the intense island sun and create a shaded, ground level courtyard with its own microclimate, between the living and sleeping quarters. In contrast, the upper level breezeway connecting the guest and master bedrooms is a sun-soaked environment.
The slab of the sun deck on the second level is articulated such that it accommodates a 60cm deep wading pool with glass portholes in its bottom which allow beams of shimmering sunlight to filter the courtyard below. Experience in the villa is one of gradation, from unsheltered decks through shaded or filtered spaces such as the stairwells, to controlled interior, blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.
Large concrete frames are employed to compose flexible spaces and reign in the beautiful 360 degree panoramic island views. These frames, rendered in thermally appropriate white, carve out the villa from the surrounding greenery. White shells and wrapping frames, are at a scale and placement such that patrons cannot directly interact with them. The remaining walls, which are available for user interaction, are shaded by the white concrete frame and are clad in grooved black slate. This play between sun and shade, and the intentional differentiation of materiality is an overt expression of the conceptual organizing parameters.

Design by: Prototype Design Lab 
Photos by: James Roy of Paradise Photography

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