Winter lodge in Arachova
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The winter lodge is built within the vernacular mountainous urban settlement of Arachova, on a site with steep slopes, an open horizon along its perimeter, with views of the impressive gorge. As a synthesis, it combines mountainous building construction elements with a contemporary architectural notion.
The plot is defined by three cobbled pathways. Off the municipal carpark, an uphill pedestrian route leads to the main entrance, through a group of deciduous trees.
An arrangement of volumes adjusted to the incline was decided from the start, with minimum changes during the construction phase.
The residence with a total surface area of 350m2 comprises a sitting with fireplace, a living and dining area, a kitchen, six bedrooms, bathrooms and auxiliary spaces. The reception is located in the middle of the oblong double height volume, with bedrooms at either end; the higher master bedroom at a third level, and the lower, semi basement with auxiliary spaces.
The main entrance is located on the northern side, through a closed courtyard at the second level and provides access to the independent guest area, the central reception, and a gallery leading to the southwestern bedroom wing.
A free standing staircase in the double height sitting area leads to the living area and the study. The dining and kitchen are opposite it. The entire south side of the kitchen faces the mountain, with openings towards the patio.
The house is stone-built, with equal sized stonework and wide joints defining the double height space at the rear. Roofs with visible woodwork and byzantine tiles cover the rooms. Finishes are contemporary, omitting folk details on materials’ joints with clean edges.
Colours are neutral and vegetation ever present on external spaces.

Design by: Michael Photiadis Associate Architects 
Photos by: Dimitris Saelos, Michael Photiadis


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