Charles Tyrwhitt window
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The installation creates the impression of a traditional tailor’s cutting room, with multiple pattern pieces hanging from rails that span the width of the façade. Patterns, used in the construction of the brand’s products, have been replicated in a range of British timbers - Elm, Oak, Cherry, Chesnut, Ash and Poplar.
Timber was selected as the key material for the scheme, as it felt appropriate to the language of the brand. Not only does it have inherent associations with craft, tradition and heritage, but it also has a warm, reassuring and unpretentious quality.
To emphasise that Charles Tyrwhitt is more than just a shirt brand, pattern pieces from a range of their products have been recreated in the window. The pattern ‘family’ of each garment, shoe or accessory, has been crafted in a different wood species. The contrasting timber colours and patinas distinguish the different products and highlight the diversity of their product range.
The scheme offers existing and new customers alike insight into the technical processes used to create the garments, shoes and accessories within the store. Bridging the entrance to the retail space beyond, the installation acts as welcoming threshold, in keeping with the brand’s accessible reputation.

Design by: Bureau de Change 
Photos by: Ben Blossom

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