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Pagoda is Studio Job’s participation in “Utopias/Heterotopia: Wuzhen International Contemporary Art Exhibition” in Wuzhen, China that aims to create a platform for international cultural exchange, presentation, and promotion.
The participating artists provided new proposals specifically for the exhibition; with some artists commissioning local workers to assemble site-specific works, thus adding to them a flavour of Wuzhen, one of China’s ten most important historic riverside towns. Due to differences in culture, gender, and social background, artists chose different focal points. Their understandings of the theme and their own technical backgrounds helped make abstract international and contemporary art more specific and visual.
Studio Job created the Pagoda, in their continuous style of transcending boundaries between art, architecture and design. The installation features a small scale model coming out of a white suitcase in front of the full scale one that features a mosaic globe hanging in its middle.
The exhibition totals 130 works, from such artists as Marina Abramovic, Olafur Eliasson and Ai Weiwei in a wide range of media such as installation, performance, sculpture, sound, video, and animation and will until June 26, 2016.

Design by: Studio Job 
Photos by: Loek Blonk

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