Apartment in Thessaloniki
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Simplicity and clarity in the design, combined with the creation of a style with references on elements past, but contemporarily rephrased, were the main compositional characteristics of the central architectural idea.
The apartment in Nikis Avenue, a typical specimen of Thessaloniki’s urban residences, with long and narrow corridors and thorough compartmentalisation was redesigned to serve the needs of its users.
Several morphological and functional elements were preserved, reminding of its age, like the separation between living and private zones, or the typical arches on corridors.
The unified sitting and dining space is placed by the main façade, highlighting the views to the sea and the apartment’s relation to it.
The bedrooms, clearly separated from the communal areas, are placed at the rear zone, ensuring the necessary privacy. In the core of the two zones, a walk-in wardrobe acts as a separating element while directing the circulation between them.
The use of a neutral colour palette, wood and refined metal elements adds hints of timelessness to the sense of the familiar. The bespoke constructions provide the users with comfort and a crafted functionality.

Design by: Urban Soul project
Photos by: Stefanos Tsakiris

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