Dry nut Store Choraitis
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The study is about the renovation, construction, decoration and equipment of the nut store in Ikarou Avenue, in Heraklion. The main design challenge was to highlight the existing store, allowing for a strong identity, a personal and defined character in its working space through an aesthetical intervention that stood as a continuation of the original brand designed by the architect twelve years ago.
The functionality of the space is ensured by the clear organization of the different functions of the store, as the area exposes the various products. The prominent themes create an appropriate "background" to highlight the products for sale.
The interior is dominated by wood and cement screed.
The abstract, pergola styled wooden striped roof highlights the presence of the traditional element combined with a modern touch.
Due to the stereotaxic placement of the shelves the client enjoys an unobstructed overview of every part of the store. The imposing presence of the service bench in the middle of the store, functions as a prolongation of the product exhibition, while simultaneously its curved shape, following the physical curves of the space imparts animation and motion to the working environment.
All these elements combined with the relaxed and inviting, earthly colours create a harmonic ensemble that emphasizes and highlights the natural origin of the products that the store merchandises.
In the exterior, the bright impressive neon label attracts the attention, which allows the store to make its presence noticeable. The same materials and colours of the interior are used here again, creating a unified aesthetics.

Design by: Lefteris Tsikandilakis & Associates
Photos by: Pantelis Mathioudakis

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