0+ House
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A house of a different kind, a smart home that makes the most of Nature’s freely offered elements.
0+ House has a surface area of 110m2, is designed by Makridis Associates and is the first modular, pre-fabricated ecological home that due to its bioclimatic design, its selected construction materials fully adjust to the geographical characteristics of its installation site.
Simultaneously, insolation and daylight are used to the max while the morphology of its shell – via the use of specific materials and methods – contributes to substantial energy saving.
A virtual walk-through of the construction of 0+House will be presented for the first time within the DPOINT GREEN VILLAGE special event context in Kiosk 13 of the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre - helexpo, co-organized by Interiors from Greece.
Visitors will be able to walk along an exhibition corridor comprising of architectural drawings which will wnd in a dark Theatre Box. There, those interested will be able to watch a virtual walk-through of all the construction phases of the first modular, prefab house in Greece guided by sustainability.
During the exhibition, the DPOINT GREEN CONFERENCE will also take place, split in three daily workshops:
1.Friday 12/2, Smart Buildings, Smart Cities
2. Saturday 13/2, 0+House case study
3.Sunday 14/2, ECOWEEK: Applications of ecological building

Design by: Makridis Associates

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