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The house with a surface area of 320m2 is designed for a young family on the flat of the Ionian Sea. The building unfolds on one level, with perimeter walls that offer total privacy while framing the unique view towards the sea. Next to the main part of the house, a canopy houses two parking spaces.
The entry hall with a wardrobe leads to the unified communal space that contains the subdued living area, the kitchen and the dining area. Next to them, there is a guest area, the bathroom with a sauna, and the master wardrobe.
In the second part there are two bedrooms, cabinet and master bathroom. In the adjoining front territory there is a pool with recreation zone. And on the back yard lies a small private area with a long bedflower. Dominating materials are glass, wood, metal, concrete and plaster walls. Artificial light plays the predominant role to open richness the textures of the materials .
White walls frame the blue sky, small pool water and the Ionian Sea. It is the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. Close your eyes and relax.

Design by: KVDA architects 
Images by: KVDA architects

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