Art & Design
Concentré de Vie 1 / 5 / 2013

Concentré de Vie is a project allowing diversity to express itself thanks to a set of elements...

Carl Bookcase 19 / 4 / 2013

CARL is a playful yet elegant variation to the bookcase. 

Blue Monument Challenge 14 / 12 / 2012

Music essentials participated this year in the campaign "Blue Monument Challenge", undertaking the architectural lighting of Zappeion Hall for the purposes of the "Global Diabetes Day".

ΙΝ-ΕI collection 28 / 11 / 2012

The collection IN-AND ISSEY MIYAKE is a combination between a material that comes from the regeneration of the fiber of PET bottles

Cabinet of wonders 26 / 7 / 2012

A case of dreams interrupted by a sudden intrusion of the lustrous present; Nostalgia is split by the “gloss” and the “line of beauty of broken”.

Infinity table 26 / 7 / 2012

The name of the table is "Infinity". Table is designed for six people plus one, which occupies a central position.The table is composed of three modules, each of them consists of top and two chairs and are connected by a detail of stainless steel.

Travelling Lines 29 / 6 / 2012

The Baroque tureens were the product of a consorted complicity between mutually foreign worlds, between the east and the west, between what was then known and unknown.

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