Interior Design
Nentrys office 10 / 6 / 2016

A building interior is redesigned to bring staff together at the office of a vehicle sale company in Tokyo, Japan.

Sulwhasoo Flagship Store 28 / 5 / 2016

The renovation of a five-storey building into a flagship store for leading Asian skincare brand Sulwhasoo is inspired by the literal and mythological meaning of the lantern, in Seoul, Korea.

Cube House 16 / 5 / 2016

A contemporary family house with 200m2 total floor area is designed to look much bigger inside, in Bucha, Ukraine. 

Architect's office 9 / 5 / 2016

A 54 sq.m. ground floor was selected to accommodate the architect’s own office, aiming at projecting creation and design.

The iron room 28 / 4 / 2016

Marathianakis jewellery display store begot a unique architectural design approach, in the Kalligas stoa near Syntagma sq. in Athens. 

La 3 del Senpa gallery 20 / 4 / 2016

Interior restoration and remodelling of an old Grain Storage building into a multifunctional, cultural centre in Almenar de Soria, Spain.

De Waterkant 23 / 3 / 2016

Redesign and remodeling of a duplex apartment shell within trendy De Waterkant suburb in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa.

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